ALO 116 and CRCA visit the city of Korça.

ALO 116 and CRCA visit the city of Korça.

Awareness campaign “Children’s Rights and ALO 116” visit ‘Themistokli Gërmenji’ Gymnasium and the primary schools ‘Sevasti Qiriazi’ of Korça and ‘Agimi’ of Maliq.

Korca, 14 May 2013– The staff of ALO 116 - The Albanian National Child Helpline and the Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA Albania) visited today, with the support of UNICEF and the European Union, ‘Themistokli Germenji’ Gymnasium and ‘Sevasti Qiriazi’ primary school of Korca. The primary school ‘Agimi’ in Maliq, a small town not far away from Korça, was also visited in the framework of the national awareness campaign in schools on the topic 'Children’s Rights and ALO 116 '.

The campaign, this time as well, had the goal to inform and raise awareness to children and young people of this region on children’s rights and the services of ALO 116. ALO 116’s awareness campaign in schools is organized in cooperation with COMBI Programme 'Communication for Behavior Change' that takes place in schools as well. During the event a clear message on human rights and child rights was given to the children and youngsters so that they would feel supported by the institutions and the community.

After the presentation of the service, mission and goal of ALO 116 and the activities that CRCA undertakes in order to advance children’s rights in Albania, the group started with the questions and answers session which they used as a tool to address their concerns, opinions and points of view.During the presentation and talk children’s rights and the inclusive policies on which ALO 116 has build its work were discussed. ALO 116 awareness materials were distributed for all the children at the start of the presentation.

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