National Hotline ISIGURT.AL: 40% of reported porn pages are of Albanian children

National Hotline ISIGURT.AL: 40% of reported porn pages are of Albanian children

COVID-19 pandemic increases sexual violence and other online threats to children and adolescents in Albania

Tirana, 9 February 2021 - On the International Safe Internet Day, ISIGURT.AL, the National Safe Internet Centre in Albania and CRCA / ECPAT Albania, presented for the third year in a row the situation of incidents encountered by children and youth in Albania, of reported on the National Platform www.ISIGURT.AL during 2020.

The 3rd National Report "Raped on Internet: The Internet Industry and protection of Children and Adolescents in Albania!" details the situation of violence and sexual exploitation, bullying, threats, blackmail and persecution that children and adolescents face in their daily online life and is based on data from the National Platform for Safe Internet, the National Helpline for Children ALO 116-111 , as well as the National Safe Internet Centre in Albania.

According to the Platform:

  • The number of reported sites of child pornography has reached a record number on 6273 pages, or a 600 % increase compared to a year ago;
  • 40% of cases of pornographic sites, videos or even images with the same content are with Albanian children, while over 60% of cases of child pornography belong to non-Albanian children, but accessible to children and adolescents in the country;
  • Cases reports against Albanian platforms and portals this year have increased by over 8%.
  • The most affected age of children and adolescents from online incidents is the age group 15-17, which accounts for about 40% of all complaints received on the Platform.
  • Instagram is presented as the platform with the most reported incidents against children and young people with 52%, followed by Youtube and Facebook with 17% and 15%.
  • The cities of Durrës, Korça, Pogradec and Gjirokastra are among the cities with the fewest incidents reported online.
  • The National Platform (Hotline) has received during 2020 about 17,000 visits to its web, which reflects not only the breadth in its scope, but also the great opportunity it presents to denounce internet incidents insecure by children, young people, parents ect.

The Director of CRCA / ECPAT Albania, Altin Hazizaj, underlined a situation that requires a deeper analysis but also urgent cooperation of organizations and institutions: “The fact that 2020 has marked a significant increase in the number of reports of young people over 18 years old , with about 31% of all reports, raises the concern that even young people at this age have begun to become "prey" to threats, sexual violence and online blackmail, etc. This puts us in front of new challenges to expand the legal protection of the damages that the internet is bringing to individuals, society, but also beyond.”

The 3rd National Report,"Raped on Internet: The Internet Industry and protection of Children and Adolescents in Albania!"  lists a series of recommendations regarding institutions, organizations and especially the Internet industry! The main recommendation of the report is that Albania urgently needs to adopt a special law to address the issue of damages and injuries done online.

The findings and recommendations of the Report were presented at the annual on-line Forum, whose participants included representatives from state institutions, civil society, children's rights advocates and representatives of the internet industry. International Safer Internet Day is a global event, attended by over 170 countries around the world.

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