CRCA/ECPAT Albania: We are extremely concerned on the situation that children and young people face while waiting justice for sexual crimes committed against them!

Tirana, April 02, 2021 - Finally, after 44 court sessions justice was served on the case of sexual violence of a 12-years old girl in the district of Gjirokastra.

After a very long ordeal continuing for several years for the abused minor and her family, the Gjirokastra Magistrate’s Court sentence the abuser with 4 years of imprisonment.

The abuse started 6 years ago, when the girl was only 8 years old and was abused for 3 years in a row by her 63-year-old teacher. During these 3 years, the girl and her family have been forced to appear in 43 court hearings, facing not only the abuser, but also endless waiting hours and days for the justice to be given.

During these years the girl was forced to change school and her place of residence.

Barnahus Albania supported the girl throughout this difficult situation of facing the justice system and her own trauma. While Municipality of Tepelena is providing financial assistance to the victim to enable her to continue education.

Altin Hazizaj, Director of CRCA/ECPAT Albania, stated that: “Justice seems to have forgotten the children. We are concerned on the situation that child victims of sexual violence have to face in terms of endless hearings in the Albanian courts."

The 12-year-old minor O.L, who got justice today, is not the only young girl who has been awaiting justice along with her family from the Albanian courts for years. She is one of at least 150 girls and women, who every year survive sexual crimes and seek justice, from a system that manages to sentence only 42% of sexual crimes that happen nationally!

Just two weeks ago, CRCA / ECPAT Albania and BARNAHUS Albania, publicly asked the High Judicial Council and the High Inspector of Justice to monitor every trial of children and adolescents, victims of sexual violence anywhere in Albania.


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