CRCA / ECPAT Albania sues the Municipality of Tirana in Court!

CRCA / ECPAT Albania sues the Municipality of Tirana in Court!

For 2 years, a decision of the Municipal Council of Tirana violates the constitutional right to peaceful assembly and assembly for every citizen, group of citizens or NGO

Tirana, April 21, 2021 - CRCA / ECPAT Albania will face on April 29, 2021 in a lawsuit with the Municipality of Tirana. The Child Rights Centre in Albania addressed to the Tirana Administrative Court a few weeks ago, with a lawsuit against the Municipality of Tirana and the Municipal Council for serious violations of human rights, in particular the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of assembly.

The Constitution of Albania and the Law,  “For the Assembly”, guarantee the freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of assembly. But apparently this was not enough for the Municipality of Tirana and its Municipal Council, who in 2018 adopted a decision which almost completely eliminated the exercise of the constitutional right to peaceful protest, seeking permission and setting new rules, which are not based on law.

"It is totally unacceptable the way and the approach followed by the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Tirana, to restrict basic human rights in Tirana for all these years. Tirana is a city of freedom. We wish that no one in the Municipality is afraid of the peaceful protests of civil society or the citizens of Tirana. ” - said Altin Hazizaj, Director of CRCA / ECPAT Albania and part of the group of lawyers who filed the lawsuit against the decision of the Municipal Council.

The lawsuit seeks the abrogation of the normative act that the Tirana Municipal Council has taken about 2 years ago, on the use of public spaces owned by the Municipality of Tirana, an act which is in open conflict with the Constitution of Albania, international acts and the law gatherings ” in Albania.

In November 2018, the Municipal Council of Tirana, as the decision-making body of the Municipality of Tirana, approved Decision no. 130, dated 15.11.2018 "On the approval of the regulation" on the conditions and rules of occupying public space in the municipality of Tirana. " In the content of this decision, among others, in its Chapter VI, is regulated "Occupation of public spaces for the development of promotional activities, artistic, cultural, political events and others."

"Violation of this right, directly or indirectly, through the creation of administrative bureaucracies or other legal obstacles, constitutes a serious violation of fundamental human rights." - underlined the lawyer at the Legal Office of CRCA / ECPAT Albania.

The act of the Tirana Municipal Council has limited and complicated the lives of citizens and civil society organizations in Albania. In addition to the announcement that any organization or citizen, seeking to carry out a protest or peaceful manifestation, as well as a request to the State Police, according to the act of the Council, must also obtain a permit from the Municipality, for which they may have to wait for one month to be approved.

"We believe that the Administrative Court of Tirana will find this act of the Municipality of Tirana in contradiction with the spirit of the Constitution of Albania and all international conventions that protect and guarantee the right to freedom of assembly and of peaceful assembly, as a basic human right. ” - said Altin Hazizaj, of CRCA / ECPAT Albania.


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