IGLYO: LGBTQI Inclusive Education Report and Index 2022 raises serious concerns for Albania

Tirana, 12 May 2022- The International Organization of LGBTI Youth and Students (IGLYO), published today its Annual Report on the situation of LGBTIQ youth rights in Europe. The 2022 report focuses on the issues of inclusive education that must permeate all communities to respect and protect the rights of LGBTIQ persons. 

The report assesses that education in Albania is not safe and not at all inclusive and comprehensive for LGBTIQ children and young people. 

” In 2018, LGBTQI organisations, public institutions, and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection found that violence in schools remained a serious issue and public attitudes towards LGBTQI people were largely negative. ” In 2020, local NGO Streha’s survey found that 72% of its respondents experienced school bullying due to being LGBTQI,” ​​the report said. 

The ILGYO report states that the Law on pre-university education (2012, art. 5) grants the right to education to all, without discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, but does not refer to gender identity, gender expression, or sex characteristics. School curricula do not yet contain specific references to anti-LGBTQI bullying. 

The report specifically mentions that Albanian institutions do not at all manage to condemn and ban hate speech against LGBTIQ persons. There is a complete lack of data from the Ministry of Education regarding bullying in educational facilities for reports or complaints of LGBTIQ students, data that apparently are collected only by civil society organizations. 

Referring to PINK Embassy reports, the report its concern on bullying that LGBTIQ children and young people experience in schools. About 2/3 of teachers say they do not address this issue at all, while almost 80 percent of them do not support LGBTIQ students. 

The report, which covers all European countries, describes Albania as one of the countries that should, among other priorities, immediately support the adoption of the Law on the Recognition of Gender Identity, a legal initiative of the PINK Embassy. 

The report states that the Albanian National Child Helpline: ALO 116-111, is the only helpline which supports and assists young LGBTIQ persons. 


A copy of the Report in English can be found at: https://www.education-index.org/download-report/ 


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