Preliminary findings of the CRCA/ECPAT Albania ground-breaking Report provide detailed information on the attitudes, acceptance and response of the community towards violence against children

Tirana, June 1, 2022 – Violence is present in the lives of children across in Albania, while our communities are still far from reporting it, even though this is a legal obligation for everyone! Preliminary findings of a ground-braking report of CRCA/ECPAT Albania, “Community Response to Protecting Children from Violence” tell of a difficult reality where children live and grow up, which is far from safe, protective, and responsive. The report was developed in cooperation with the Foundation for the Rights of the Child in Hungary (Hintovalon Foundation), with the participation of Albania, Moldova, Romania, and Slovakia.
The research preliminary data convey a disturbing reality in terms of the attitudes that the communities have towards violence against children. Below we are sharing some of the major findings from the report:

Almost 60% of respondents think that it is acceptable to spanking the child on the bottom, hitting, or slapping them on the face or other body parties;
50% of respondents accept it when parents yelling or screaming at a child with insulting names;
At least 20% admit to beating their child with a belt, stick or other hard objects.
40% of the participants in the research are indifferent to any kind of violence against children.
Almost 25% of the interviewees would not report a case of violence against children to the authorities.
Almost 50% of the adults admit that they are influenced by their spouse when using violence against children, while 33% accept that they are influenced by teachers of their children.
Meanwhile, only 44% of people would report a case of sexual violence against a child to the police.

“The findings from the report are shocking to us. As this is the first time that such research takes place in Albania, we are extremely surprised on the high level of acceptance and low level of reporting of the violence against children our communities have. This means that most of the people in our communities are bystanders of child abuse and neglect. This needs to change immediately!” – said Altin Hazizaj, Executive Director of CRCA/ECPAT Albania.

The main purpose of the report is to identify the attitudes of parents, children, and members of the community towards violence against children. The study was conducted over a period of several months with a sample of 274 adults: 89% women and 11% men. Their age ranged from 18 to 65+, while most of the respondents were from the age-group 18-44 years old. Almost 64%  of the respondents were living in large cities, while the rest in suburbs, small towns and rural areas.
Physical abuse
In terms of physical violence, it is noted that at least 52% of respondents think that other people would ignore slapping on the buttocks or other parts of the body, considering this as a matter of simply dealing with parent and child, while only 33% believe that this would be considered an inappropriate action and would be punished.
Psychological abuse
44%of respondents think that there would be no reaction if a parent shouted at a child or spoke insulting words to them, while almost 38% of them think that people would condemn it as inappropriate behaviour. You are impressed by the fact that 15% of respondents think that people around them would understand the aggressive behaviour of the parent and would think that this is normal parent-child behaviour, so they would neither condemn nor denounce it.
Positive parenting
The results of the survey show that the majority of respondents, almost 72% of them, think that people in the country would react positively to positive disciplinary methods towards children, but more than seven percent of them think that these methods would consider inappropriate, while 11% are of the opinion that people would ignore these situations by simply considering them as personal matters of the parents.
Reporting violence to the authorities
When it comes to the public reaction to violence against children, we note that almost50% of respondents think that people around would report the case of violence to the authorities, but only 27% of them would intervene to detain a parent who is disciplining a child violently. Likewise, 40% of people would judge physical discipline as inappropriate behaviour, while 23% of them would ignore that situation. Almost the same percentage of respondents (24.5%) think that witnesses to the act of violence would not report the case to the authorities.
The research “ALBANIA: Community Safeguarding of Children from Violence” in addition to analysing community response towards violence against children in Albania, also includes the development of guidelines on how our communities can work together to protect children from all forms of violence and exploitation.
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