Safer Internet: Teachers and child protection professionals, raising awareness in schools

Safer Internet: Teachers and child protection professionals, raising awareness in schools

Tirana, 9 February 2021- In the framework of the International Safer Internet Day, teachers and child protection professionals organised various activities in many public schools of the country. Invited by CRCA/ECPAT Albania, many teachers and professionals who work every day for children's rights, have organised activities to raise awareness of pupils and students in different schools. Under the worldwide slogan "Together for a better Internet", they have shared information and awareness materials with children, parents, students and other actors in the community where they work. Along with information for the safety of children and adolescents in virtual environment, they have also conveyed their messages for immediate reporting of any inappropriate material and incidents that children encounter online.

Today the Internet is part of children's lives and their online safety is a fundamental part of efforts to protect them. Providing a better virtual environment to children is a responsibility that belong to all of us. Together, we can contribute to make the Internet a space where children can take information, communicate, create or engage in a safe way.

Since many years, International Safer Internet Day aims to create a better online space, where everyone is aware of using technology responsibly, respectfully and critically. Safer Internet Day in our country, which is facilitated by CRCA/ECPAT Albania, tends to bring in the attention of children, parents, institutions, professionals and the public, the issues of child safety on the Internet.

This Campaign aims to reach children, young people, parents, teachers, educators, child protection professionals, telecommunication industry companies, decision makers and politicians, to encourage everyone to make efforts on creating a safer internet for children.

This year CRCA/ECPAT Albania in cooperation with the National Safe Internet Centre in Albania, National Platform and Youth Resource Centre in Albania (YRCA) also presented the 3rd  National Report "Raped on Internet: The Internet Industry and protection of Children and Adolescents in Albania!". This report details the situation of violence and sexual exploitation, bullying, threats, blackmail and persecution that children and adolescents face in their daily online life.

International Safer Internet Day is a global event, widely remembered and celebrated around the world, with over 170 participants countries.

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