ANYN asks the Albanian Prime Minister not to approve Student’s Card without consulting young people

ANYN asks the Albanian Prime Minister not to approve Student’s Card without consulting young people

The Albanian National Youth Network asked the office of the Prime-minister to immediately consult young people on the student card, after the Government publicly acknowledged that it had already drafted the decision

Tirana, 20 December 2018 - Following the latest statement by the Albanian Prime Minister acknowledging that the government has already drafted their Decision on the Student Card, the Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN) would like to express its deep concern on the lack of consultations of the Government on this major issue with students, young people, student councils and youth organizations of civil society. The decision has been drafted in complete secrecy, without informing and consulting young people and their organisations, at a time when the students are protesting in the past 15 days in front of the Prime-minister’s office.

Over 210,000 students from public universities and high schools across the country have for years been unable to receive their promised Student / Youth Card, from which they would benefit discounts on transport, books, clothing, cinema, museum, theatre and other services.

In our knowledge, during these days, none of the student and youth organizations have received any invitation to be informed and be consulted with the draft and no opinions have been asked, despite that for such decisions is a legal requirement to be drafted and consulted with the beneficiaries and interests’ groups.

ANYN believes that this draft-decision of high importance to students and young people cannot be prepared and cannot be discussed by the Government without consulting students, youth groups, and youth organizations, as it happened previously with the Law on Higher Education and the Draft-Law on Youth.

The Albanian National Youth Network (ANNN) calls on the Prime Minister of Albania to no longer approve decisions without consultation and participation in the decision-making on of young people, whether students or high school pupils.

The Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN) since 2012 in cooperation with youth and students’ organizations has consistently raised the voice for lack of a Youth Card that could support socially young people in Albania.

ANYN is the national youth network composed of over 60 civil society youth groups, organizations and political forums established in 2012. ANYN's aim is to promote youth rights and youth issues at local and national level; increasing youth participation and representation in all levels of decision-making and better policy-making for young people in Albania.

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