Albanian National Youth Network elected Ervjola Osmanaj as its President

Albanian National Youth Network elected Ervjola Osmanaj as its President

Osmanaj: ANYN will be an advocacy advance guard for the Albanian youth

During the General Assembly of the Albanian National Youth Network, with the majority of votes was elected as ANYN’s President, Ms. Ervjola Osmanaj. The new elected president comes from a long experience in one of the most important youth organizations in Albania.

Ms. Osmanaj advocated for the youth rights for several years and her work is based on the innovative ideas, a constant collaboration and consensus for the achievement of the common ANYN’ s goal.

Graduated for Political Science and Political Theory, Ms. Osmanaj has been active all these years in establishing of the Alliance of Young counsellor in the Tirana Municipal Council and in establishing of the National Student Alliance. She is engaged in the drafting of some of the most important strategic documents for young people at local and national level, such as: the National Action Plan for Youth 2015-2020, Youth Resolution in the Albanian Parliament, Local Action Plan for Young People in the Municipality of Tirana 2018 -2020.

For two years, she has held the post of General Secretary of the ANYN and National Coordinator at the Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA). Her work in this organization has focused on protecting, promoting and advancing the rights of children and young people.

In the post of Vice-President was elected Mr. Benson Begaj, while Mr. Flavio Dibra will hold the position of the Secretary General of ANYN.

In the Assembly was also elected the Steering Committee for ANYN. This committee is composed of 6 youth organizations in the country. The Youth Act Center, the centre “La casa nel Cuore”, Mary Ward Loreto Foundation, “Ardhmëria” Organization, Kuçovë Women's Association and Multilanguage Café.

ANYN aims to increase youth budget at central and local level, to draft a youth law by creating an institutional mechanism to support youth and their development. The National Youth Network has its priorities, a broad and active participation of young people in decision-making, and the creation of a unified Youth Card to facilitate friendly and helpful services. ANYN will require that each city to have multifunctional youth centre, new libraries accessible to all young people.

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